Sassy Kitties CMYKitty Colorwheel Family Enamel Pins

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★ Meowing at designers, colorists, all creative people! ★

This gorgeous rainbow of color proudly displays your love for color and kitties! My most favorite and personal design!

Choose from 5 variants:
CMYK (print/subtractive color model)
RGB (light/additive color model)
Pastel (soft colors)
Glitter CMYK (extra sparkle!)
Rainbow metal (extra special!)

♥ Hard enamel lapel pin.
♥ Black nickel with multi-color enamel filling (gold metal for the glitter version).
♥ 1″ wide.
♥ Rubber clutch.

♥ Would you like to make sure you don't lose your precious new enamel pin? Add a locking pin back to your cart!