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Back from New York Comic Con, we have a lot of new items in stock! First, new apparel! Three new t-shirt designs, a new restock of the Ouija Jacket, and the NEW Too #Stressed to be #Blessed Jacket!       New assorted tote bags!    New stationary items!    And new prints!    Next month: Designer-con! ♥ Victoria

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You can help make this book a reality!   #Blessed is my online comic about romance, dating, deities and deathly prophecies, mixed in with comedy! (If you haven’t seen it yet, you can learn more about the comic on the LINE Webtoon app, or from their website at ( I wanna thank to all of the readers who have followed the series on LINE Webtoon for your constant support, and a warm welcome to all new readers who want to know more!    I’ve been working on this comic for almost two years, and for so long I’ve wanted to have a tangible, book version...

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